Hii, im Courtney. ((: i just turned 18! im bi && always horny. HMU! always down for some picture sharing ((:

2nd June 2014

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viewer submission. very nice. keep them coming girlss ((:

viewer submission. very nice. keep them coming girlss ((:

2nd January 2014

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gggio000 said: Ur tits are so perfect... I wanna cum all over them

Fanks (: I’d love to see a fan sign!

1st January 2014

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I’m back!

I’m back n More horny then ever :* message meeee your sexy pics for a shoutout on instagramm n tumblr (:

1st June 2013


rocketansky1 said: amazing body you have there!

Why thank you! (: put in a submission!

18th March 2013

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Tonight’s challenge

Guys and girls! Girls: make me a video of you stripping and showing all your holes and ill put up a special gift for you. Guys: send me three videos of your girl or videos you have of girls doing stuff to themselves for a separate special something from me so depending how well y’all do depends on what you get tonight

1st February 2013

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Yes please ❤

Yes please ❤

24th December 2012

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Christmas gifts

Send me some sexy Christmas gifts (; nudies ((:

27th November 2012

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Come on bitches an man whores (((;

Come on bitches an man whores (((;

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27th November 2012

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imahornyassgirl said: love your blog! Im an 18 year old bi girl with a pee fetish so somehow I ended up on your blog lol ! Either way like I said great blog :) xxx

Awwe thank you hehe care to submit?

27th November 2012

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I see all these beautiful submissions and I havnt gotten any ;( submit lady’s please! Ill post some stuff if I get submissions